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High Quality

  • A-Grade Raw Materials
  • Advanced Samsung PCBA Machines
  • Operators with 10+ Years Experience

Quick Turnaround

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  • Smart Production Scheduling System
  • Expedited DHL Delivery within 2-4 Days

Low Cost

  • Highly Automated, Lower Cost
  • Incremental Deductions with More Orders

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Production Process

Material Preparation

High-speed. Only 30 minutes for the materials to arrive at the PCBGOO  SMT workshop from PCBGOO  component storage center.

Solder Paste Printing

Well-known brand Samsung printing machines are used. Processable PCB size: minimum 50 * 40mm, maximum 600 * 400mm. The repeat positioning accuracy of this equipment is up to ± 0.01mm, and the printing accuracy is up to ± 0.03mm.

Surface Mount Technology

Samsung high speed placement machines are used. Attachable component size: minimum 0201 (inch), The support maximum PCB size is 600 * 400mm.

Material Preparation
Reflow Soldering

JT reflow soldering is used. Temperature control, 10 temperature zones above and below. The temperature is controlled from room temperature to 300℃, and the temperature precision is controlled within ±1℃. The heating time is only 25Min.


AOI inspection is used on SMT. Its camera is a 5 megapixel industrial camera with a resolution of 15 μm. It mainly detects errors, leaks, reverses, deviations, tombstones, damage, empty welding, and foreign objects.


X-Ray equipment is used. The maximum PCB size can be detected is 510*420mm, and the magnification rate is 420X.

Reflow Soldering
Wave soldering

Connect the pins of electronic components to be welded with pcb board by wave soldering

hand soldering

Connect the components to be welded with PCB through manual operation of employees


Test PCBA with the test fixture to verify whether the actual PCBA board meets the design requirements.

First Article Testing

Production Equipments

Industry Solution